Monkey Documentation

The iOS target

iOS is Apple's OS for iTouch, iPhone and iPad devices.

You will need

  • Apple Mac computer runnning OS X 10.9 or better.
  • XCode developer tools with iOS SDK. XCode is also available via the Mac 'App Store' app.


You can develop programs on the iPhone simulator free of charge.

To be able to download iOS programs to actual iOS devices, you will need to join Apple's developer program which currently costs about $100USD per year.

To actually run a Monkey app on a real iDevice, you will need to manually open the output xcode project (.buid/ios/MonkeyGame.xcodeproj) in xcode, select 'device' as the target and build and run.

Adding in-app purchases

In-app purchases can be added to your app using the MonkeyStore class.

Testing IAP is a bit tricky. The general idea on both Android/iOS is that you create 'test' accounts to test with, and add these test accounts to GooglePlay Dev Console and/or iTunes Connect. Test are accounts are generally just email address/password combos, although on Android you'll have to provide more details the first time you use the test account.

  • On IOS, your app's 'BundleId' must match the BundleId in iTunes Connect. Currently, the only way to change BundleId is in xcode.
  • On iOS, DO NOT TO LOGIN TO THE APP STORE VIA SETTINGS USING YOUR TEST ACCOUNT! Instead, login when making a test purchase. Otherwise, you'll end up in a strange [sanbox environment] loop when trying to test IAP.
There's a bananas/mak/iaptest demo in the release, but it wont work 'as-is' - you'll need to add a keystore file for android and change the BundleID for ios, and change the CONSUMABLES and NON_CONSUMABLES arrays to match your product ids.