Monkey Documentation

The WinRT target

The WinRT target allows you to develop games for the Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8.

You will need

  • A PC running Windows 8.
  • Microsoft Visual Studio Express 2012 for Window 8 to develop Windows Store games (or 2013 for apps with IAP support).
  • Microsoft Visual Studio Express 2012 for Windows Phone to develop Windows Phone 8 games.


Monkey is currently unable to launch games built for WinRT targets.

Once you have built a WinRT target, you will need to locate the '.sln' file in your projects or folder and open it with Visual Studio Express.

Testing in-app purchases

  • Windows 8
To test in-app purchases on Windows 8 you will need to set the app config var WINRT_TEST_IAP to true before importing brl.monkeystore, eg:


import brl.monkeystore

You will also need to modify the Assets/WindowsStoreProxy.xml file in the target project to reflect the items available for purchase by your app - there is no way to test Windows 8 IAP live/online.

Note: In-app purchases are only supported on Windows 8.1. You will need to use Visual Studio Express 2013 to develop for Windows 8.1.

  • Windows Phone 8
To test in-app purchases on Windows Phone 8, you will need to create a 'beta app submission' in the Windows Phone Dev Center. This basically involves the same steps you would need to make to set up a 'real' app submission. Please visit this page for more information:

Make sure that your app's Product Id matches the Product Id shown in the Windows Phone Dev Center!