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Resource paths in monkey

App resources may be stored in many different locations, for example, in an app's data dir, on the local filesystem, or on a remote server.

When using functions and methods that open or load resources, you can use any of the following special prefixes when specifying resource paths:

  • Use the "http://" or "https://" prefix to locate resources stored on a server.
  • Use the "monkey://data/" prefix to locate resources that were placed in the app's data/ directory when it was built.
  • Use the "monkey://internal/" prefix to locate resources stored in the app's internal storage directory.
Not all prefixes work on all targets and the exact behavior of each prefix is target dependant. For example, android and ios can load images from http:// but not audio, while glfw cannot load from http:// at all. Full support for all prefixes is an ongoing mission!

Also, note that Mojo module load commands will automatically insert a "monkey://data/" prefix before any path that does not already incude a prefix. For example, LoadImage( "myimage.png" ) is the same as LoadImage( "monkey://data/myimage.png" ).

Supported resource path prefixes

  • web = http://, https://
  • data = monkey://data/
  • file = monkey://internal/
LoadStringweb, data, filedata, filedata, filedata, fileweb, datadatadatadataNA
LoadImageweb, data, fileweb, data, filedata, filedata, fileweb, datadatadatadataNA
LoadSounddatadata, filedata, filedata, fileweb, datadatadatadataNA
PlayMusicdatadata, filedata, filedata, fileweb, datadatadatadataNA
DataBuffer.Loadweb, data, filedata, filedata, filedata,fileweb, datadatadatadatafile