The main forum thread for ‘regal’ can be found here.

UPDATE (October 31st, 2015)

  • Our Monkey modules officially have a name; “regal”. Every module, experimental or stable, will have this as a prefix. Any legacy code assuming global placement can easily be supported for compatibility purposes. For details, the installation guide reflects this now, including legacy support.
  • Added experimental SHA1 support to ‘hash’; requires ‘HASH_EXPERIMENTAL’ to be enabled with the preprocessor. Still need to make it into a proper generic routine like ‘MD5’.
  • Added Base64 support to ‘hash’ (Based loosely on Diddy’s implementation; uses ‘Streams’, doesn’t use a table to map values, etc).
  • Small fixes to ‘mojoinmojo2’, and (Threaded) asynchronous image loading was added. As usual, use at your own risk.
  • It hasn’t gone anywhere yet, but I’ve done some tests with ‘networking’, and I was able to make a connection with WebSockets to a host ‘NetworkEngine’. Ideally, WebSocket support on the HTML5 side will be added, and support for the protocol and handshake will be an option for ‘NetworkEngines’. This is still a little while away, but it’s definitely on the road-map.
  • As stated last week, full documentation is available for ‘networking’. Build it yourself, or view it online here.

Other than that, there have been a number of bug fixes. To update everything, “Update_Submodules_Pull.bat” should work.